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Technology & Law

If your business needs multilingual data & document management, you are at the right place. Throughout this site you will find different ways to get your business moving across borders and help your products speaking the language of your target audience. Directly from language provider to end customer. Using state of the art technologies, either in the form of CAT-tools or freshly developed solutions, I keep your documents up-to-date over their whole life cycle.

Without borders

There is a a great deal of information flowing around in this digital era. But, what information is worth spreading and what is superfluous? Following an enterpreneurial approach, the information about your product, service or skill belongs to the valueful information I aim to spread. I do so using state of the art translation technology that allows for translating once and re-using endlessly, resulting in massive savings for your undertaking and much more transparece across the value chain. Without borders.