No borders

From the very beginning of my career translating a bakery flyer up to the last project in the field of aeronautical patents, I can definitely assert that I love my work as translator, as well as my small contribution towards understanding between technicians and projects, companies and their customers, in a nutshell: between human beings.  I am neither perfect nor do I pursue perfection in my work. 


I am rather 200% convinced of the fact that high-quality multilingual documentation is the result of collaborative processes and mutual respect for the time and the skills of the professionals involved.  All in all, I will be glad to pinpoint together with you common areas between your business and mine; to give you advice about how to keep up with the rate of change in the intellectual property field and, finally, how to manage your data according to the state of the art. And all that 100% directly, without intermediaries.

Hj Larg