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Data flow

There is a a great deal of information flowing around in this digital era in various formats and even more varied degrees of thruthness. But, what information is worth spreading and what is superfluous? In which langague? Trying to answer this questions, throughout this site you will find both news transcreated from leading technology information sources as well as own articles, 100% home grown and rooted in my interest in technology and R&D. I will try to open this channel to everyone with 0 censorship, but within a certain frame of respect.

Spreading ideas

Since 2007 I have been carrying out extensive research in the patent field and, honestly, despite the whole so-called smartphone wars and other negative projections of intellectual and industrial property (IP in this site), I really believe that IP is something worth protecting. You will find the results of this research in the form of articles and data repositories in the corresponding section and I look forward to hearing and/or reading your opinion and sharing your input.