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Sharing data

My contribution to a less burocratic and de-intermediated business enviroment becomes true in form of data repositories that we have created and that you can download for free. Please bear in mind that these repositories have not undergone an in-depth quality control or review. For this reason we appreciate your constructive input and are glad to receive your contributions in the form of opinions, criticism or donations.

Recycling data

In this site we also offer the chance to share patent-related translation memories (TMs). Regardless if you compiled them over the years or created them using OS.align by Patterm, these TMs may pose on the long run a valueful resource in your patent lifecycle. Obviously you can upload other TMs too and, in a near future, put them to work for you. With this service, we aim to help 1st generation translators to re-use their content on a more transparent and efficient basis.