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Adding value

I provide different services related to the management of document life cycles. Although my vocation is definitely translation, I feel passionate about writing user-adequate technical documentation, providing advice about patent portfolio management and about how to find your way through courts´archives and floors too. There is so much happening around in those fields…I am convinced that I can provide a lot of added value to your processes and needs in these fields, regardless of whether you are reusing translated content, looking for cross-border prior art or wording your product or service.

Lowering intermediation

The common feature of the services provided here is to strive for the lowest degree of intermediation possible. We aim at providing the services and any assistance possible from initial provider to end-user, but still ensuring a very competitive price/quality ratio; shortening delivery times and letting you know who is doing what with your documents, data sets, content…Especially in the IP field within the European context, we believe that this low-intermediation strategy can give you and your business important advantages.