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Data live too!

As patent applicant and researcher, industrial & intellectual property is my main field of specialization, carrying out extensive and in-depth research in the patent field since 2007. There is so much happening in the field of patents and technology: big data sets, cross-border prior art , fast and even faster evolving jurisprudence…Although I am not a patent attorney, I really believe that I can provide high added-value services to your technology business by managing your data and putting them to work for you. The potential savings are beyond anything you can imagine..

Pushing the boundaries

In 2008, together with Hagen Schmidt and Robert Mitwicki, I began a start-up project we called Patterm, a wordplay combining “pattern” and “term”. The idea behind it was to semantically align patents by means of crowdsourcing . This way we could integrate prior-art search and translation in a single process, and in the long run, we strived to draft new multilingual patents with the support of the database with aligned content. The advantage: lower intermediation and therefore dramatic savings in prior-art search, drafting, translating and monitoring - all of them cross-border.